Make It Happen!
​​​​​​​Superhuman Vision Board Workshop 2019
Video Training
Ready to make your 2019 dreams and visions your reality?

If you’re like me, you’ve already got notebooks full of all the things you want to make happen this year. 

That’s amazing, but there’s a way we can give those dreams and visions MORE power and actually make them our reality. Notebooks and basic vision boards will only get us so far.

That’s why I decided to host my popular Make It Happen vision board workshop again this year. Now the live video recording is available, and it’s just as valuable as being there in person. Why? Because we’re all connected —  it’s physics. 

“Sometimes the recordings are even more powerful for me. I've been shocked at how “spot-on” they are for what is specifically happening in my life and my body at the time -- and I wasn't even “there”. Crazy!” - Heather Pierce Giannone

Make It Happen is an intensive vision boarding and action planning experience — Superhuman-style, of course.

You’ll learn my special technique for making powerful, beautiful vision boards, breathing life and energy into them, and translating them into a tangible, step-by-step action plan.
Everyone will walk away with personalized vision boards and detailed daily, weekly, and monthly action plans to bring those visions to LIFE! 

Plus, during the workshop, you’ll shift any subconscious "blocks" that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams.

We'll be painting a new picture of how this year can feel easier and more in-flow, and dissolving the layers of struggle that might be making achieving your dreams and visions feel hard and exhausting.

I've heard from so many people that 2018 was really tough.

Yes, amazing things might have happened, but there's been a theme of “Man, why is this so hard. I'm tired!” And sooo many people realizing they want a simpler life and to be able to actually take the rest and rejuvenation time they need.

When we have dreams and visions, it can be frustrating to figure out HOW it's going to happen when we’re already running on near-empty. 

Maybe you have a feeling that there's more potential you're not yet living into.

I personally struggle with the fact that time is linear! In my mind I can vision how all the lines connect and things can happen so simply, but it can be frustrating and confusing that I sometimes don't get enough done in a day. 

Recently I’ve had a HUGE shift in this area and know that 2019 will be completely different in terms of productivity and actualization of dreams. 

We all have the potential energy and ability to live out our dreams. We just need to tap into the clarity to know what steps to take, and the support to follow through. 

Are you ready to go beyond basic vision boarding and make your dreams your reality in 2019?


Here’s how it works:

You’ll get an email with the details you need to access Make It Happen after your purchase.

Before pressing play you’ll gather your vision board materials: a 2019 calendar, poster-board, magazines, and beautiful photos. 

Don’t forget water, a cozy cup of tea, and fuzzy socks. When you’re all set, following along with the video to make a beautiful vision board following the unique process I’ve created.

It includes a special Superhuman technique to power up your visions so they’re more than a pretty image in your head, or even just a feeling in your heart. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn during this in-depth virtual workshop:

Why just making a vision board doesn’t work, and what you need to do instead

How to shift subconscious blocks that are keeping you from manifesting what you want
The Crystal Ball Technique: how to upgrade your brain so you can clearly see a NEW life without being held back by memories of the past
How to upgrade your body, business, mindset, money, relationships, and lifestyle so you feel deeply satisfied, supported, energized, and adventurous
The Intuitive Imaging Practice to select the perfect vision board images for YOUR ideal 2019
My Connect-the-Dots Technique: Programming your subconscious mind and body to bring your visions to life
Designing the Perfect Day: How to set up your schedule so your dreams become your new normal 
Imagine 100% knowing how to heal and feel completely energized, grow your business, travel, and spend time with family and friends on the same 24-hour clock we’re on now. 

That will be your new reality, and you'll almost be able to taste it after this workshop. You'll walk away with a personalized vision board PLUS detailed daily, weekly, and monthly action steps to bring your vision to life.
Let’s design a magical 2019 together.

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